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giving you the courage to face your pain and the strength to move through it


There’s hope: you can feel better!

Are you experiencing sadness, anxiety, and emotional pain? Drawing on my experience as a therapist and my own personal journey of growth and healing, I can be a source of hope and strength for you.

I specialize in helping people with these challenges--


        •sexual  and/or physical abuse

        •traumatic events

        •anxiety and worry


        •relationship difficulties of all kinds

Clients tell me they feel relief just from making an appointment, knowing they’re going to address what’s bothering them, and begin a process of recovery.


How we’ll work together-- I’ve been down the path of growth and healing with many different clients, over the years, so I know I can guide you in finding your own individual path. I offer you a variety of methods for healing. As we find what works for you, using these methods repeatedly, you internalize them, making them part of you. The benefits spread to all aspects of your life.

Methods we’ll use-- I offer you a variety of modalities, including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a revolutionary technique for quickly clearing trauma that addresses the non-verbal aspects of memory--sounds, smells, sights--as well as those parts that can be spoken. Process work helps you to connect fully to yourself and then give words to your truth with love and respect for yourself and others. Gestalt methods bring the dynamics from your life into the room, so changes happen in the moment. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps you by shifting the thoughts and beliefs you have that underlie depression and anxiety. I use these and many other methods as you progress in your work.

Your first appointment-- You’ll take a paper-and-pencil self-assessment, to give me an idea of how you’re feeling right away. Then I’ll ask where you’ve been and where you want to be. We’ll both see how we connect in the room, if we’re a “fit.” Research has shown that fully 50% of a person’s progress depends on the quality of the relationship with his/her therapist. I want to develop a relationship with you that will help you heal quickly and easily. 

Call right away to schedule your free consultation: you can feel better!